Nice to meet you.

I'm Tanya. I connect people and ideas through language.

Who am I?

I am a freelance translator working in both Thai to English and English to Thai language pairs. With more than 10 years in the translation industry and experience as both a translator and project manager,  I want to work with you to build your brand, product, or community initiative to reach its intended audiences. 

Why choose me?

Raised bilingual in both English and Thai, I am fully capable of understanding and communicating your text into the target language with the same wit and tone as your source text.


Within the localization industry, I've played the roles of the client, the project manager, and the translator for leading global companies. This has given me a well-rounded understanding of all involved in the process and I use this to anticipate issues and, when necessary, advise you on the best way to tackle projects.


I believe our best outputs are achieved when we are motivated and inspired by the work we do. I'm your go-to if you are looking to localize content for games, apps/websites, marketing/ads, travel, and international development.


To add to the above, I have academic degrees in English and Migration Studies. Not that these degrees necessary matter, but in this case I wish to highlight that literary texts and content on refugees/IDPs/social empowerment are topics that are close to heart and I encourage you to get in touch if you have these types of projects on the table.

Where am I based?

The short answer would be New York, USA. The long answer would be that NY is my business address and though I lived there once, I don't anymore. I'm a "nomadic translator," if you will, making my way across land and sea in the world I call home. My work is therefore strictly online, with the occasional on-site assignment when the opportunity arises. But fret not! I regularly update my timezone to my active clients to ensure smooth running of projects at all times. Keep in touch, and we can grab a coffee when I'm in town!​



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